First Strike T15 Paintball Marker Review [2023]

In this article, I talk about my experience with First Strike T15. Back in July 2021, FS T15 was given to a few of my paintball friends. I was already using DYE Rize CZR then and needed a new marker for the next competition. So I decided to put money into the First Strike FS T15.

I have a personal preference for realism, particularly in the context of paintball guns. I’m glad that the first strike FS T15 exceeded my expectations. It’s a genuine copy that looks and feels like an AR.

The marker offers a wide range of customizable features. The product is compatible with various accessories, such as the Red dot, telescopic sights, and holographic and genuine steel parts, allowing you to customize and personalize your AR15 marker.

I recently upgraded the barrel to a rifled barrel, significantly improving my shooting accuracy. Adapters are available for purchase, allowing you to connect barrels from different brands.

Weight: I found the weight to be manageable because of my strong build. In comparison to the M16, it felt noticeably lighter. At first, it may feel heavier than expected. However, you’ll quickly adjust to the weight with a bit of time.

Accuracy: I was pretty impressed with the accuracy of the first strike round during my shooting experience. On the other hand, it falls short in accuracy, especially when using low-cost round paintballs. It’s still better than cheap paintball markers. I highly recommend using high-quality paintballs such as the New World or Valken Graffiti to deal with this issue.

I recently had the opportunity to try out this paintball gun. I encountered a common issue: many players face air leaks. I recently tried out this marker with an air compressor and was impressed. Not a single leak is to be found. I found that the air escapes from the back if you don’t secure it correctly. Make sure you move the charging handle to the back of the device.

The only issue I’ve encountered with my paintball gun is jamming and chopping. But after some study, I figured out what was wrong. Make sure the gun bolt is in the right place. The metal clips and magazines shouldn’t be able to move around. Paintballs can also get stuck if they are too tight.

After making these minor adjustments, the results were impressive. The next day, I could effortlessly fire off 30 paintballs without experiencing any chopping or jamming. Now, let’s look into the technical features of this marker in detail.


  • It has a 2-piece aluminum for enhanced strength and durability.
  • The charging handle is functional.
  • It has both Magazine and Hopper feeding systems.
  • 2-pin Strip Design
  • It supports both First Strike and 68 calibers.
  • The tank has a pressure rating of 13/3000 PSI.

Technical Aspects

The mag-fed First Strike paintball marker is designed especially for 68-caliber paintballs. This marker is a 1 to 1 replica of the popular AR-15 rifle. If you want to start with paintball, this gun is a great option, as it has nearly all the essentials you’ll need. If you are new to using mag-fed guns, this model is a great choice to start your gaming journey.

In my opinion, three key factors have contributed to the popularity of this mag-fed marker:

  • It looks like an AR-15. This gun has many of the same functions and sizes as an AR.
  • Easy to modify.
  • It’s a magazine-fed gun.

The Box

The product was in a convenient carry case with a layer of custom-cut foam designed to hold the paintball gun securely. The box consists of two magazines and a few pieces of tools. I highly recommend using the carry case to keep your gun safe and secure. Many individuals overlook the carry case’s significance and regret their decision later on.

The box has a helpful manual that provides a brief overview of the marker and offers guidance on adequately maintaining it. The carry case is designed to be easily customizable, allowing users to create space for their modified gun with minimal effort. The box offers plenty of interior space, allowing for long-term usage.

Barrel & Add-ons

The marker has a 12-inch lightweight front shroud, providing a great touch to the whole design and making it easy to handle. Additionally, many Picatinny rails on the top are a great feature. It allows for easy customization and attachment of various accessories. If you are considering purchasing the First Strike, the barrel length measures approximately 14.5 inches.


One of the unique features of this model that sets it apart from its competitors is the Mock Suppressor by LAPCO. The threading on this product is identical to the one found on the barrel. I love how this product lets you quickly correlate it with your gun. The addition of exciting visuals is a great bonus too. Initially, I believed that the primary function of a mock suppressor was only to reduce noise. Still, when I finally got my hands on it, I was pleasantly surprised by its added visual impact.

Better Focus on Opponent

The gun comes with a riser for better performance. Some models may have additional accessories like a red dot sight or a magnified scope. These accessories can enhance your shooting experience by improving accuracy and target acquisition. A riser is a versatile tool that offers the advantage of tilting up and down, allowing users to focus effectively on opponents located at a considerable distance. The knobs on the sides help in adjusting the height of the item. This product has an affordable price range of just under $700.


  • Body Made of Lightweight Aluminium.
  • Consistently deliver shots.
  • Unlimited modification.
  • Riser for more accurate aiming.
  • Realistic appearance.


  • The barrels are not suitable for Autocroker. You will have to buy adapters.
  • This marker is perfectly ideal for professional players.


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