DYE DSR+ Marker Review | Performance & Upgraded Features

Dye Precision Inc. is a renowned builder of high-quality paintball markers and tools. They have a good repute for producing consistent, accurate, and competent markers for all levels of players. Dye’s markers are often admired for their smooth shooting, minimal recoil, and superb build quality.

When considering a new marker, it’s vital to check factors such as marker features, ease of maintenance, efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. DYE has launched its new DYE DSR plus marker which is more smooth and quiet than its old version. Let’s dive into exciting details about Dye Dsr plus marker review.


DYE has made revolutionary enhancements in all features. Based on my personal experience, I have faced no kicks while ramping. its ARC+ Bolt system, a newly engineered and upgraded engine that offers exceptional performance in a durable and dependable package. The ARC+ Bolt System is designed to give you a super smooth and quiet shot. 

if I compare dsr+ and m3, I would say that dsr+ had everything that m3 possessed. Though, lack of recoil cancellation occurs in dsr+. but it had smoother and noiseless  shots.   

Moreover, OLED screen of dsr+ is simpler and easy to use than that of m3. The hyper 6 regulator in dsr+ is the most reliable and designed to provide the best playing experience. It is the latest generation of DYE’s trusted regulators and is the most reliable one they have ever made. 

Upgraded Features

In the past, many paintball players had reservations about Dye’s constant release of 800 dollars guns each year with minimal modifications. However, DYE+ proved to be different. Dye made significant improvements and introduced new features that set it apart from its ancestor DYE. Some new specifications included are:

  • Enhanced grip clearance
  • Edge2 trigger
  •  Solenoid flow restrictor 
  • Sticky soldier grips
  • Bolt design ACR+
  • Thumb fastening knob
  • Clinching feed neck
  • New ASA lever
  • Eye pipe 4th gen

Some common features that DYE dsr and Dye dsr+ both have in them are the following;

  • Precision barrel system
  • Electronic firing modes
  • Air efficient design
  • OLED display
  • UL(UltraLite) 45 frame 
  • Low-pressure operation

Detailed Look into Features 

 Trigger Control 


It has a flat-face design that top shooters around the world love. The trigger’s shape allows for better control and faster shooting. It has contact points at the mid and tip, which give a consistent and comfortable feel when you pull the trigger. With the Edge 2 Trigger, you get prime tuning, matchless speed, and ultimate control for the best shooting experience.

Smooth Reloading 

In the heat of the action, players seek a marker with no blowbacks. The DSR Plus introduces a proven flex bolt design to eliminate the problem of bolt force pushing back. The bolt face delicately handles even brittle paints from the breach, avoiding any issues like paint clipping, breach strain, or blowback.

Customer Signature Shot

The new Flex SFR Solenoid allows you to adjust the airflow control to suit your shooting style. You can make your shots smooth or get sharp and clear shot feedback. It’s easy to adjust the flow control lever under the grip with a simple turn left or right to get your desired shooting experience.

Stronger Wraparound Grip


They are now even more durable and have a wraparound design for the best grip. The micro-texture on the grips gives you excellent control. The grips are comfortable and easy to hold. With a single screw design, they stay securely in place and can be quickly serviced when needed.

Tool-Less Accessible Battery

The new Dye DSR+ comes with an improved Thumb Fastening Knob for easy battery replacement. In the original DSR, you needed a tool like a screwdriver to replace the battery. But now, with the DSR+, you can simply use your thumb and index finger. Just spin the locking knob to unlock it, slide off the front grip, and replace the 9-volt battery quickly and easily.

Ergonomics Construction- Design

You can hold this lightweight marker for longtime because it’s body’s made of aluminum. Its hourglass shape is designed to provide players with excellent regulator, relaxation, and performance during gameplay. The metal frame, along with DYE’s Sticky Grips, offers a secure grip for stability and accuracy, allowing for a fast and stable trigger speed.

Inside the Box


DYE dsr+ box have lining of EVA foam that protects the gun from any kind of damage. The box includes a manual guide, ALLEN keyset, barrel Sock, Slick lube, and small mini O- ring kit.

Efficiency Test

We did an efficient test of dsr plus and the results were phenomenal. We performed the test with seven shell paintballs and an eighty cubic inch chamber. Even a single ball was not broken during the efficiency test. dsr+ run like the machine gun, leaving the chamber frigid. It was a splendid and impeccable performance.


DSR features the Edge1 Trigger, while DSR+ comes with the Edge 2 trigger. However, world championship players recommend the improved Edge 2 trigger for its robustness. The shape of the trigger offers enhanced pull and a lower roost that will give you relaxed contact points alongside your fingers. Additionally, it has various modification options to modify your trigger, allowing for fast response time and unmatched speed.

After trying both models and gaining shooting experience, it becomes apparent that there is a significant change between DSR and DSR+. You will observe that DSR+ has minimal paintball splitting and less kickback power. The flex bolt with its soft face ensures minimal paintballs rupture, contributing to a smoother shooting experience compared to DSR.

Added feature that paintball performers love about DSR Plus is the SFR (Solenoid Flow Restrictor). This allows you to regulate the airflow, giving you control over your shot speed. It helps you achieve smoother shooting, and you can easily fine-tune it by rotating it right or left to have the perfect shot.

Final Thoughts

If anyone is thinking for buying a new Dye marker, we will highly endorse Dye dsr+. You can purchase this new Dye model for about $1000. If you’re willing to raise your financial plan by 100 dollars, you can get something more unique that will allow you to showcase influential actions in the game.

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