T4E Walther M2 Gen2 Review – Inside the Box

In May 2020, I experienced a few problems with my T4E HK VP9, which I use as my side paintball gun. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a local entry-level tournament, and finding the right marker was crucial. I was on the lookout for a marker that not only had the best trigger but also boasted well-built sidelocks. The T4E Walther PPQ M2 has the most exceptional trigger on the market.

I recently tried out my friend’s Walther PPQ gun, which was quite an experience. Then I realised why everyone was saying this gun was the most accurate and best training pistol on the market. So I chose to spend money on this beautiful marker.

After two years of use, I have decided to share my comprehensive reviews of its various features.

Inside the Box

After receiving my parcel, I opened the box and found several things with the marker. I found a small squeegee for the cleanup of the barrel, a firm spring for playing with rubber balls in the magazine, and a user handbook. The hard case seemed cheap yet strong. Overall, the box quality is fine.



The gun looks neat and clean. The slide is sturdy and made of metal, while the base has a high-quality polymer feel. I don’t see any flashy, white letters covering it, and the branding is simple. The yellow dots are on the front and rear sights. I can adjust the rear one to the right or left using a screwdriver to aid my sighting, which gives the gun a nice touch. But I feel unsafe with these open sights, so I usually use something else to help me see where I aim. Under the slide, there is a bar where it can be put. Holding on to the gun’s grip was easy, and it felt good in the hand.


I find this gun a game-changer for me. It is useful for my shooting drills, and it also serves as a reliable side pistol for my paintball tournaments. This gun was truly ahead of the game when it came to self-defence. The mechanics and functions of the gun were spot on. The recoil and reloading speed is incredibly fast, almost like an eye-blink. It provides a satisfying blowback sensation that adds to the overall coolness factor. The sights are fantastic. They line up perfectly with no gap, a huge bonus for their accuracy. The action could be improved to provide a more satisfying and immediate response when engaged. This gun is excellent for training purposes. It shoots with incredible precision, hitting the target dead on every time. The range it offers is also quite impressive. I am thoroughly impressed with its performance.

It delivers a solid velocity of approximately 350 fps. However, the velocity is non-adjustable. I’ll share with you my method for adjusting the velocity. Before I load the paintballs, I load the CO2 and then dry-fire five shots which helps me ensure that everything is working smoothly and ready for action. The velocity drops to approximately 300 fps, which is quite noticeable. I found that the 12-gram cartridge tends to lose velocity with each shot. 


I appreciate that all the gun working parts are in the magazine, which is a good relief not having to remove the slide to change a seal, a common issue with older APS ram markers. Accessing the seals is easy. All it requires is to take out a single screw. The magazine includes a rubberised plastic belt that prevents jamming or dislocation issues.

The magazine comes out easily and quickly, just like a real one should. Like any other magazine, this one also has its drawbacks. I accidentally dropped my gun on concrete; unfortunately, it got bent and damaged. You should be careful.

After loading, engage the follower, or the paintballs will fall out. There is no actual detent holding the paintballs in without the follower engaging, which is a major drawback as it can potentially cause dimples on your paintballs. So, if you use this kit, you shouldn’t skimp on paintballs. Open and lock the slide back before inserting the magazine.

Safety Mechanism


Under the slide, there is a safety similar to the one on the Beretta PX4. However, it is easier to operate than the one on that gun. It is as easy as pushing it down to switch it into the safe mode, and all that is required to switch it into the firing mode is pushing it forward and lifting it. Before entering safe mode, the trigger is completely locked in place.

The double trigger is one of the safety features of this amazing piece of equipment. I have found that this product is great because it cannot be accidentally pulled when holstered. This product requires deliberate action to activate. The product could be more user-friendly as it requires you to push the lip down before pulling it. If you remember to do so, it will work properly. It is much safer to carry around. I’m impressed with the firearm’s extensive range of safety features.

Best Pistol for Self-defense

I was quite impressed with this non-lethal pistol. It felt incredibly realistic in my hands because of its weight, which made me feel at ease throughout my experience. This pistol is quite versatile. Not only does it have the ability to fire rubber balls, but it can also shoot pepper balls. When comparing this pistol to pepper spray, the quality of pepper balls makes a difference. With this pistol, you can create impressive clouds that effectively deter any potential attacker from advancing. It’s a game-changer for personal safety.

I was thoroughly impressed with the superior quality of this product. It surpasses any other options, which is great if you’re in the market for a salt or non-salt gun. I was surprised by the accuracy of this product. It performed flawlessly and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it as a non-lethal self-defence option.

Realistic Feel

It could be a lighter setup. I could feel it in my hands, which gave it a real feel. The weight of 860 grammes gives the most realistic feeling. In most models, I use real metal in the slide. So, a significant portion of the weight is concentrated at the highest point. This impressive piece of equipment needs to be top-heavy.

I appreciate the use of high-quality polymer at the bottom. This product has a truly balanced mass that adds a genuine vibe to the overall user experience.

The slide release and lock mechanism, along with the lock open lever on the left side, make reloading the magazine into the firearm a breeze. This feature adds to the overall realism. I’m not a die-hard fan of realistic markers. This product stands out for its impressive durability, thanks to its minimal use of moving parts and springs. Unlike similar products, this one is built to last without compromising performance.


I recently had the opportunity to test this product and encountered a minor issue. While attempting to clean it, I found no mention in the manual of disassembling it. I was informed that disassembling the product would result in voiding the warranty. I found that the only way to get my device cleaned was by sending it back to the factory. If you attempt to maintain it yourself, you risk voiding the guarantee. I was disappointed to find that there are no breakdown options available. The slide is not designed to be easily removable. There is one aspect of this pistol that could be improved.

Comparison Between T4E Walther PPQ M2 & T4E HK VP9

These paintball guns have been in my arsenal for a long time. They look a lot alike, but they are also very different. First of all, the grip on the HK VP9 is much more rounded, which makes it easier to put your hand pretty high on the gun. The Walther PPQ M2 has a squared-off lip on eachtang sideg. You won’t be able to hold it with a high grip, even if you try.

The HK VP9 offers a slightly longer grip length, which may be better for individuals with larger hands. I appreciate the design of this product, especially the finger grooves and the hump at the bottom of the last finger groove. These features make it much more comfortable to hold and use. The Walther PPQ M2 boasts a wonderfully balanced grip that feels right in the hand. So it is easier to grip.

The pull on the HK VP9 trigger is light. If you hit a hard wall, there will be a break after it. So, there is nothing unique about it. But it could be better. It’s just a good striker-fired trigger that works well. Walther PPQ M2 has a very heavy take-up compared to other guns.

The sidelocks on the Walther PPQ M2 are more secure. Both left-handed and right-handed shooters can easily use them because they are well-shaped and big. ON THE OTHER HAND, the HK VP9 slide lock is slightly lowered on the left side. It is also small on the right side. I like the bigger side locks of the Walther PPQ M2.

Final Thoughts:

This model is the top pick if you’re looking for a secondary weapon that offers a truly realistic experience. My experience with this model was fantastic. This product pairs seamlessly with a wide range of ammo options. I highly recommend this model if you want to engage in activities such as shooting tin cans, knocking down targets, training, playing paintball, or setting up for home defence.

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