T4E Glock 17 Gen 5 Review (2023) | Gen 4 vs. Gen 5

Consequently, I was searching for a sidearm to use in a tournament that had a super team like AC Dallas and Latin Saints participating. I’ve been using the Gen 4 pistol and T4E Walther M2, and now I’m considering trying out the Gen 5 of the T4E Glock 17.

It’s the first paintball gun with an official license for all fans. So, I upgraded my marker from the old Gen 4 version to the super cool new Gen 5 without wasting any more time. After placing the order and waiting a few days, the item was delivered to my house by drop shipping. So here’s my review after using it:

Inside the Box

I was surprised when I received the box. The case was quite sturdy, and the overall quality of the product was impressive. I received a pull-through type cleaner inside the box. It has proven to be quite handy. I liked the case because it had four extra back straps on the top. These straps were beneficial in adjusting the size of the grip to fit my hands perfectly. There are only a few of these cases with straps. I was pleased that the package included the pistol, one magazine, and a handy little mop.

The Design

The pistol’s finish is stunning. The high-quality ballistic polymer frame at the bottom adds refinement to its design. The texture of this gun is incredibly tactile, providing a solid grip. The finger placement on this Glock was just as ideal as with any other Glock. The top slide of this product is impressively CNC milled from high-quality aluminum. 


The magazine is equipped with all the necessary mechanics to launch the projectile from the pistol effectively. This part is the only one that requires regular maintenance. Unlike previous versions, the spring in this version is perfect, where we had to change the spring to match the bullets constantly. This spring is of excellent quality and truly lives up to its reputation. I have tested it with various types of ammunition, and it has performed flawlessly with each one. I appreciate how this product eliminates the hassle of constantly changing the spring. One of the best things about it is that there’s no need to deal with Allen keys, which makes assembly a breeze. I love how this firearm is adorned with Glock stamps all over its body. It adds such a charming touch to its overall design.


After utilizing it as a side gun in paintball competitions and testing it in my shooting training, I can say that the money spent on the marker was well worth it. My experience with this marker was quite impressive. The level of control I had over its action was genuinely remarkable. Compared to the 0.68 markers, this one stands out with its higher firing speed, resulting in more excellent fps. The rounds are considerably smaller, resulting in a significant decrease in power output. I am delighted with this product as it ensures that there is no possibility of any damage occurring.

During shooting sessions, I’ve found that sometimes the magazine likes to run out of bullets. In this situation, the slide remains in the back position until a fresh magazine is inserted. I was surprised by the hefty slide on this product. The recoil it has is something to be aware of. The sensation of the blowback and recoil while using this product is genuinely delightful. This product is a real hit.


The range it offers is limited. I was disappointed when I tried it from a 100 feet distance. It performed well when it came to short distances. I was disappointed that the marker doesn’t have an adjustable velocity feature, which I usually look for in Umarex markers. 

I’ve had the opportunity to test it with various types of ammunition, including shooting chalk, paintball, rubber, powder, and pepper shot ball rounds. It’s been great for both training purposes and recreational use. This product exceeded all of my expectations. It is an excellent choice for self-defense purposes. I carry it as a non-lethal weapon option, and it has proven quite effective.

Trigger Function

I appreciate how the blade trigger on this product provides double-action safety. It’s a great feature that helps prevent accidental discharges, giving me peace of mind. I have been using the Glock Gen 5 marker for a while now, and it has never accidentally fired while in my holster. I’ve had the opportunity to use it for self-defense on multiple occasions and showcase its features. I felt a significant boost in my sense of security and confidence while using it.

Quick Pierce Magazine


I’ve always found the process of refilling gas to be quite chaotic. But with this Gen 5 pistol, it has become so much simpler. The gun is powered by a CO2 cartridge, which has recently been upgraded to a flawless version. In the past, we had to manually load the CO2 using an Allen key to ensure a secure fit. The CO2 section can be easily reached by turning the bottom of the cylinder clockwise. Once you’ve inserted the CO2, adjust the screw at the bottom to ensure a proper fit. After securing its stability, I turned it anticlockwise to puncture the CO2. The magazine is ready to go all guns blazing. The CO2 can be easily removed by simply turning it open. This product effectively eliminates all CO2.

Glock 17 – Gen 4 vs. Gen 5

I have been using these two kits for a long time. I’ve come across a few notable differences between the two. 

I like the grip of Gen 4 firearms because of the finger grooves. Based on the feedback from Glock pistol users, this particular feature has received quite a bit of criticism. The Gen 5 has made quite an exciting change by replacing the finger grooves on the grips with grooves on the slide. 

I found that in Gen 5, the front of the slide has a curved design with slanted corners, which is quite different from the more slab-like front of Gen 4. I appreciate how the Gen 5 has a feature that makes holstering so much easier. The slide has a truly stunning look.It adds beauty to the design.

One of the standout features I observed in Gen 5 is the complete absence of any rattling whatsoever, no matter how vigorously you attempt to provoke it. Gen 4 does have a slight rattle. In addition, I found that Gen 4 operates on economical airsoft green gas. At the same time, Gen 5 utilizes a 12g CO2 cylinder that is conveniently installed in the magazine, making it easier to load.


This Glock 17 Gen 5 replica is ideal for shooting practice. It’s compatible with many  types of ammunition, making it incredibly versatile. This product has indeed raised the bar regarding durability and authenticity. This product is perfect for those seeking to engage in training exercises, use a sidearm in paintball games, or prioritize self-defense. I highly recommend purchasing it. I highly recommend staying safe and shooting safe.

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