Best 5 Paintball Hoppers You Can Use in 2023

In this blog post, we’re going to discover the top 5 paintball hoppers you can find in 2023. We’ve picked these hoppers based on how fit they perform, how long they last, and how much they deal for the price. If you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these hoppers will certainly boost your game and help you outshine your opponents. Now, let’s jump into the list of the top 5 paintball hoppers. 

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1. Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loader

Upgrading to the Virtue Spire IR² Loader from my forgoing hopper, the Halo Hopper, has really boosted my game on the field. I’m not amplifying when I say this loader is super-efficient. It feeds rapidly and intelligently, and I’ve not ever experienced any jams during play. Furthermore, it’s manufactured to last with a tough nylon shell that can handle jagged dealing, even from a player like myself.

The Virtue Spire IR² has three exceptional features that make it stand out: its sensors, three-eye-feeding technology, and stretchy rubber fingers for reliable paint filling without any cracking. This means you can play without being upset about your paintballs cracking inside the loader, interrupting your game, and leading to annoying delays.

The Virtue Spire IR² is not only a high-performance choice but also very user-friendly. It’s well-matched with the N Charge battery pack, adding extra ease to your experience. As someone with larger hands, I found the hopper’s two-part design made cleaning much simpler linked to the IR version. Plus, its solid and lightweight build makes it more comfy to carry than other loaders in its category.

Overall, it’s a robust, dependable choice with a gentle touch of paint, making it a topmost preference for players of all proficiency levels. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced player, the Virtue Spire IR² loader will absolutely give you superiority in competition.

Virtue Spire IR vs IR2

Appearance: The shell of both versions looks quite alike. However, IR2 is designed in two distinct pieces, making it a breeze to clean than IR, where only the top lid can be opened.

Design: When it comes to their design, IR claims a tough build, while IR2 stands out with its thin, lightweight profile.

In the end, the main distinction lies in taking apart the shell. In IR2, there’s a convenient push button at the rear, allowing you to undo it effortlessly. Otherwise, most of the improvements between the two versions remain the same, excluding the color kits, which are not well-matched with IR2.


  • Easy spring-cleaning
  • Frothy
  • Quick
  • Good quality


  • Less capability
  • Little overpriced than the earlier version.

2. HK Army Paintball Speed Hopper Paintball Loader

This new loader is made to be frothy and quick, which is great for performers who want to fire fast. The HK Army Speed hopper can carry up to 180 paintballs of .68 level and shoots them at a rate of 15-20 balls per second.

One more thing I adore about the Speed Hopper is how it’s calmly balanced right over the feeding zone. This comforts me to move and target my marker more easily because the hopper doesn’t make me feel heavy or unsteady.

What makes the Speed Hopper outlook different from other hoppers is its improved “P” board, which makes it feed paintballs quicker. This is a big deal for me because it allows me to shoot more without being distressed about my hopper getting jammed or finishing out of paintballs.

In general, HK Army Paintball Hopper is slighter, brighter, and quicker than any other hopper I’ve practiced. It also doesn’t make my gun weighty. So if I’m in a competition or just playing with friends, I know I can trust the Speed Hopper. It supports me in keeping up with my fast shooting and comforts me to do well in the arena.


  • Low weight
  • Incredible arena view
  • Rubber hold on Speed feed for secure fitting
  • Inexpensive than other loaders of this speed


  • For deep cleaning involves a screwdriver because it doesn’t divide into 2 splits.
  • The top is so light that it may flutter open up while trembling the gun hard.
  • Compulsory 2 nine-volt batteries


The Bunker Kings CTRL Electric hopper is a high-tech hopper with calm features that I really like. I used it with my Planet Eclipse 170R and luxe paintball guns, and it functioned really well without any glitches.

This hopper is small and trivial, weighing only 14.4 ounces. It’s the slightest and lightest 200-round hopper, which offers me a big benefit in the arena because it doesn’t weigh me down.

What’s actually great is the magnetic drive cone. It prevents the hopper from getting crammed and retains my gun shooting efficiently all the time.

I also discovered the CTRL hopper is relaxed to use. It comes apart without requiring any tools, and there’s a magnetic tray that makes taking it apart and putting it back organized a breeze.

One more thing I admire about this loader is that I can modify it. It has a simple guidebook for altering settings, so I can make it run just the way I desire it to. There are many colors and designs to select from, so I can create them to match my gun and gear.


  • Active Feeding feature
  • Low weight and slighter
  • No cramming
  • Easy on paintballs
  • Angle signal


  • Lesser capacity than Spire 3
  • Little bit expensive
  • The turn-on/off switch is slightly stiff with gloves

4. Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

The DYE LT-R was my first electric paintball hopper, and it quickly became my much-loved one. I’m overwhelmed with it because it does really well, even enhanced than more luxurious loaders, and it doesn’t cost a treasure. I use it in qualified tournaments, and it has never let me down with cramming or other glitches.

Not only is it my topmost choice, but it’s also the preferred hopper for my team fellows. We’ve cast off it with various paintball guns like Axe 2, Etha2, Gtek 170R, and Mini GS. It has worked perfectly with all of them, even with subtle paintballs.

What sets the LT-R apart from other hoppers is its original Rotor technology, which guarantees plane, steady, and quick feeding. It can feed over 30 balls each second, keeping up with fast firing.

Moreover, LT-R is super-efficient and offers excellent performance. It only desires three AA batteries and can shoot over 80,000 balls before requiring a battery alteration. This means less time distressing on batteries and more attention to the game. Above, the switchable lid lets you shift to optional DYE Quick Feeds effortlessly.

One can trust the DYE LT-R loader that it will keep up with fast firing and aid you in ruling the paintball field.


  • Shiny profile with a pleasant design
  • Finest for speedball
  • Best Handler for fragile paintballs
  • Decent battery time
  • Affordable price
  • No tools are required for disassembly


  • A little bit noisy and weighty
  • First-time fixing is a little challenging.

5. Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Spire always offers the newest and best features, making its customers very happy. Spire IV is an outstanding hopper with all the topmost features needed for up-to-date gaming.

You can wirelessly run it by an app on your Apple or Android device. It also has iFI integration, a reload pointer with two LEDs, and is easy to take apart without utilizing any tools. This makes sure your hopper runs efficiently.

What’s good about the Spire IV loaders is how robust they are. They have one strong fulcrum and the drive assembly is connected with magnets.

Don’t be disquiet about syncing glitches. Once you sync your marker with the loader, it will stay synced while it has turned off. So, no need to be concerned, just get prepared to set up new archives!

Lastly, the Spire IV hoppers look even improved. They have new Virtue symbols and are available in multiple colors to suit your gear. This permits you to make your hopper exclusive. Virtue keeps getting enhanced, and I adore them more with each buying.


  • Cool Refill indicators
  • Effective Bluetooth tech
  • Relaxed software downloading through the application.
  • Robust


  • The lid is very delicate
  • The sound device doesn’t work exactly
  • Sometimes shows refills problems.

How to Make the Right Choice of Paintball Hopper

If you’re thinking of purchasing a paintball loader, then there are lots of vital features that you should keep in mind to get the best hopper according to your needs. These comprise the hopper’s feeding level, capability, heaviness, and robustness.


Capacity is how many paintballs a hopper can keep at once. If your loader has a huge capacity, it means you can play for a long time without stopping gameplay and adding further paintballs.

 A well-made hopper can keep a minimum of 50 balls, and some modern ones can grip 100, which helps you keep a stable supply.

Feeding Rates 

The feeding rate means the rate at which a hopper can load paintballs into the gun. If a marker has a higher feeding rate, it will permit you to shoot more quickly, but may also enhance the chances of blockages.


Also consider the heaviness of the hopper, as a weightier one will make your marker harder to hold. It’s best to select a lightweight hopper for stress-free mobility.


The durability of the hopper is also crucial. You should pick a hopper that’s tough and can handle the trials of a paintball game. Paintball loaders come in various materials, like aluminum, ceramic, polycarbonate fiber, and steel. Polycarbonate fiber-made hoppers are the top choice for pro performers although they can be a bit expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable option, stainless steel hoppers are a good choice. They’re easy to uphold, very strong, and trivial.

Types of Paintballs and Hopper Compatibility

Paintball comes in various categories generally used in paintball guns games. Each type of paintball has its special features and qualities. Some common paintball types comprise:

Standard Paintballs

Regular paintballs are the simplest kind. They’re usually prepared with a plastic outer layer filled with paint or gel that dissolves in water. These are the most extensively used and can work with many paintball loaders.

Low-Impact Paintballs

Low-impact paintballs are destined to be less hurting than the standard ones. They’re regularly used indoors and in youth groups. These paintballs have a softer external shell and less paint inside, which lessens the chances of them breaking upon effect. They can be cast off with most loaders, but they may be fed more deliberately.

First Strike Paintballs

These paintballs are ready to be more streamlined, so they can go remoter and hit the target more precisely than regular paintballs. They possess a sharp tip that helps them cover a larger distance, but you need a special hopper to utilize them because they don’t work with most regular ones.

Remember, the type of paintballs you choose can influence how fit the hopper feeds them, and it might create glitches if the hopper doesn’t match the paintballs. Before buying be sure to check if your hopper is well-matched with the paintballs you want to buy.

Choose the Paintball Hopper for Your Competition Level

When you’re getting a paintball loader, ponder about how serious you’ll be when playing. Hoppers come in several types for different levels of performance. They can have qualities that work enhanced for certain kinds of playoffs.

Beginner Level

For novices or those in casual clubs, a simple hopper with a medium-size capability and decent feeding speed should work satisfactorily. These types of hoppers are usually inexpensive and straightforward to use.

Competition Level

If you’re in a more competitive paintball club, think about buying a hopper that can grasp more paintballs and feed them at a faster speed. These hoppers might charge more, but they can aid you in doing better on the pitch. As you can shoot more speedily and for longer without having to take a break and refill. 

Also, if you’re in a competition, make sure to read the instructions. Some tournaments have specific instructions about how much paintball the hopper can hold and how much can be feeding speed.

 In summary, when you purchase a paintball loader, make sure to think about what your competition level is and make sure the hopper you select is correct for your desires and follows the competition rules.

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